Covid-19 Update

To All Our Valued Customers;

We at Lincoln Appliance recognize that COVID-19 is on the minds of everyone in our community.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who are on the front lines dealing with this. That being said we would like to ask that: 

If you are in need of a service call:

  • That no one in your family have any NEW symptoms of cough, difficulty breathing or fever. 


  • That no one in the household has been out of the country or has been in contact with anyone who has recently returned from out of the country.


  • Has been in contact with anyone who has probable or confirmed COVID-19,

As a 14 day mandatory quarantine is now in place.  

If you want a service call and one or more of the above apply you can book an appoint for a date after the 14 day mandatory quarantine is finished.

If none of the above apply:  

A service call be booked.  


If you are planning on picking up a part we ask that you use social distancing when interacting with our office staff.

We are doing our best to keep our service area clean and free from the spread of any germs.

Our technicians have been equipped with Personal Protective Equipment to protect them and you our valued customers.

We appreciate your co-operation while we all work together to combat this in our community.

March 18, 2020